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How We Serve Our Community

Meeting the immediate needs of young people experiencing homelessness.

Life-Changing Programs

The residents at The House at 20 Mile Stream are welcomed by an array of services to fit their individual needs. Each service and program is only offered to current residents. Below is a vast list of what we do at WCYS for residents to receive the help they need. Our team works hard to create a cohesive and advanced system of services to provide the highest quality of care. 


Our Offerings

A quick look at our current services only offered to our residents.

Emergency Residential Shelter

Short Term Residential & Emergency Placement

Family Reunification

Youth Treatment

Tutorial Program

Summer Program

Emergency Residential Shelter

Non-DCF Family Reunification

New residents should come in with the desire to return home or to safe housing within three weeks of arrival. The family or next caregiver will be required to join in mediated sessions during the child’s stay with us. Sessions will delve into what was working and what wasn’t working at home and come up with long-term creative solutions. 

All Hands In

13-18 Years Old & All Genders

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3-Week Maximum Stay

Green Mountain

Youth Living in Windsor County

Horse Ranch

Intent to Return Home or Safe Housing

Short-Term Residential & Emergency Placement

Safe and Timely Placement For Youth In Immediate Need

We use the utmost care and discretion in providing emergency housing for youth who are in custody with nowhere else to go. We never undervalue the sensitivity necessary for this process.

Judge Gavel

Youth in DCF Custody

All Hands In

90-Day Maximum Stay

Group of Friends

Family Reunification Progam

Holding hands

Emergency Placement for Youth in Custody

We're With You

You’ve Just Taken The First  Step Toward A Future With No Limits

Family Reunification

Provide a Safe, Stable, Permanent Home

Our Reunification program starts with a family session to design a plan for successful reunification. Weekly family sessions are held to address concerns and get on the same page with the family and their expectations.  Family meetings are paired with graduated visits which eventually progress to home overnight stays.  Family overnights are a chance to practice skills taught in the program. Recommendations will be made for community service upon return home to help boost the efforts of the family.

The core practices used by WCYS to achieve family Reunification are as follows:

Treatment model based on family systems perspective

Family mediation meetings

Parental education (trauma-informed parenting skills)

Communication skills

Family assessment

Repair work

Conflict resolution

Parent coaching

Tentative schedules for family meetings and visits

Set after an assessment has been made about what is needed before the family can be reunified. 

  • On average the program can take 6-8 weeks to complete

  • The family will discharge with a plan of expectations

Youth Treatment

Providing a Variety of Treatment Aspects to Everyone

Screenings for mental health, substance abuse, and crisis

Psychosocial assessment

DBT skills groups

Treatment and aftercare planning with referrals

Psychological assessment and evaluation

Intensive case management

Discharge planning & collaboration with providers

Daily youth practice skills with direct staff support

Trauma-focused psychotherapy

Eclectic style-cognitive-behavioral, solution-focused therapy, and DBT

Psycho-educational groups

Self-care, compassion, CBT, anger, anxiety, and trauma

The Next Steps

If you would like to learn more about WCYS and our program, we are here to help.

Library Bookshelves

Our Tutorial Program

We provide an educational program for each and every client. The program is a structured and supervised tutorial provided daily in four-hour sessions  Residents learn to use the time in a constructive manner in order to effectively complete their academic assignments.


We request that schools arrange to deliver academic work to clients while they reside at WCYS.  Educational Coordinators will forward completed academic work to the appropriate school for evaluation and application of student credit.


Students requiring computer and/or internet access will be provided access only upon direct communication and instruction from the sending school. Access will  be provided only during the tutoring hours. We monitor computer and internet activity to the best of our ability.  Please note that constant supervision cannot be provided and neither WCYS or the tutorial program will be held at fault for students’ online behavior. Additionally, inappropriate usage by a student will result in immediate termination of their privilege in our tutorial center. These guidelines have been put into place for the safety of our residents and staff.


Our Educational Coordinators are dedicated to maintaining direct communication and collaboration with each school. These methods ensure a smooth a transition when the client returns to the regular educational environment.

The Coordinators will provide regular progress reports on students to their school and to those concerned with their academic progress. Educational plans are designed for the individual client and are monitored. Our Coordinators are certified teachers committed to quality academic education and support for our clients.


If your district chooses to provide a private tutor to work with a client, we request that these services occur during our regular educational sessions and arranged in advance with the Educational Coordinator.  Private tutors are paid by the school district. 

Contact Our Team:

Kate Phillips:  (802) 228-6880 -

Ben Spencer:  (802) 228-6880 -

Contact at your earliest convenience will facilitate the process.  Any information  provided regarding a client’s specific academic history and/or needs is greatly appreciated.  A copy of the student’s immunization record is required.

Our Summer Program

We have designed a summer program providing only our current residents with opportunities that they may not otherwise experience.  During the summer months, our lesson plan becomes more experiential as we leave the classroom environment for a more hands-on approach. 


Two days each week are spent enjoying nature’s restorative and stress-reducing benefits.  Some activities include;  kayaking, hiking, and organized sports and games. Two days we venture out to explore area museums, historic sites,  and other places of interest.  One day per week residents plan, prep, cook and enjoy a meal themselves.  

Summer Program at WCYS provides an opportunity to instill lessons learned in the program and a chance for youth to experience something new! Outdoor activities paired with visits to local venues  allow youth to enjoy many of the experiences that the beautiful State of  Vermont has to offer.

Option for Current Residents Only
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