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Our Commitment to Community

Our ultimate mission is to improve the lives of individuals in a hyper-focused and safe environment.
Green Field


To explore, develop and implement crisis prevention and early intervention programs for youth as well as to promote awareness of new and existing resources for healthier lifestyles and decision–making for youth and their families.


Since 1993, our vision has been to fulfill the immediate needs of young people experiencing homelessness while offering a safe, nurturing space with the most compassionate staff.

How We Got Here

Founded in October of 1993 by Viola Wynne

Viola Wynne founded Windsor County Youth Services with the goal of providing shelter to kids with nowhere else to go. After personally acknowledging children without basic shelter, Viola set out to create and establish Mountainside House . The goals for the facility were to have an excellent caring staff, a solid education program, and a healthy environment for both boys and girls.


Mountainside House is located in beautiful Ludlow, Vermont and opened in 1995. The original building was renovated by a community service group with Viola herself jumping in to help,  even funding a portion of the project. Since then, donations from generous people and their unending support have played have played a major part in achieving Viola’s vision. 


 It was also very important to Viola to add a community service component to the residents’ program.  Residents genuinely look forward to and enjoy opportunities to work on projects within the community. These community outreach experiences, which give residents an opportunity to interact with people outside the facility, benefit both them and the organizations.


Over the years, residents have enjoyed helping out at the Rotary Chili Cook off, Green Up Day and on projects at Fletcher Memorial Library and Black River Good Neighbors. These programs give our residents a sense of pride in offering help to others in the community.

Photo: Jackie Hanlon, Executive Director and Viola Wynne, Founder.

Our People

For nearly 30 years, our team of dedicated individuals have worked with teens and their families  to provide 24/7 care.

Blue Personal Objects

Jackie Hanlon

Teenage Students Raising Hands

Sydney Sprague

Program Manager

Jo Molascon

Clinical Program Manager

Leather Cases

Tara O'Neil

Case Manager

Writing with Pen

 Ben Spencer

Kate Phillips


Penny Longley

Doctor's Visit

Marilyn Gabriel


Clinical Consultant

“I’ve been here almost 2 months. First, all I wanted to do was leave and go home. Now that I’m leaving tomorrow, I really don’t want to leave. This started to feel like family to me, the closest and realest thing I’ve had in a long time. They made me feel accepted, happy and loved. When before I felt like I had no way out so I partied, drank and replaced my feelings with drugs. Just remember to always stay positive and true to yourself.”

Training Our Staff

The proper training of our staff is of the utmost importance. We strive to have each staff member properly trained in all aspects of intervention and care.

Weekly Clinical Supervision
Physical Restraint
Positive Youth Development
Behavioral Modification
Crisis Intervention
Trauma Informed Training
Verbal De-Escalation 
National School Meal Programs 

National School Meal Programs

Updates and Annual Reports

Change a Young Life Today

Thank you for supporting Windsor County Youth Services.  Your donation is 100% tax-deductible and will help us continue to provide care to so many of our youth in need.

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