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Our committed team is available 24/7

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Please call (802) 228-6880 and ask a member of our team to make a referral. This is a 24-hour line where staff can be reached and a referral can be made at any time.

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Green Field

Key Team Member Contacts

Tara O'Neil

Case Manager

Please contact Tara at: or call (802) 228-6887

Available Monday - Friday 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Sydney Sprague

Program Manager

Please contact Sydney at: or call (802) 228-6882

Questions pertaining to referrals, program, and job openings.

Jo Molascon

Clinical Program Manager

Please contact Jo at: or call (802) 228-6885

Questions pertaining to referrals and program.

Lake at Dusk


Windsor County Youth Services

756 Main Street,

Po Box 357

Proctorsville VT 05149


Open 24 Hours

Open Daily

(802) 228-6880

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